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Here is a link to our Diamond Polished Concrete site. We offer unique artistic concrete floor art, polishing and staining. This is a relatively new service for Alaska. There is no top coating or sealer to wear away or scratch, no wax to keep it shiny, very low maintenance, durable and beautiful.

Click here to view the Concrete Polishing & Artistic Staining of Alaska web site.



My Point of Sale and Contact Management suite which runs under FileMaker on both Macintosh and Windows is available for sale. It is fully customizable for your business. A demo is available. Drop me an email to get more information. Jim
email to: POSsofware at Magic Together dot org


Some items for sale at our place in Chugiak, Alaska

Sale items, click here to view them


Need an adventure and vacation recommendation? Sea Kayaking with Kayak Adventures Worldwide visit Alaska or Thailand. They also offer a great open ocean sea kayaking instructional class in Hawaii!



Chugiak WebCam! (Offline until we get around to setting it up again... sorry)



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